They met with Frankie’s Universe

They succeeded despite their disability

AARON, met up with the Association at the age of 3 years old. He had a disabling disease with a dark prognosis. A constant medical follow-up and with the joy of meeting up with Frankie the clown allowed him to overcome the aggravating state of his health and to maintain him in a normal school.  He is now 20 years old and after a chaotic journey in search of a professional path and a regular follow-up, he is now in a nursing school.


HAIFA has a particular disease called ‘Littel’, which prevents her from walking normally.  She has been operated on severql occqsdions qnd Frankie has helped her in jer journey to school, as well as in her studies. After having got her ‘A’ Levels and ‘O’ Levels with honors, she went on to study in Nice.  Then joined an Internations School in Toronto, became an interpreter at an international level and started teaching other childrenwith disabililties, enabeling them to hqve qccess to the right to attend a normal schooling system.  Today she hqs returned to France and is an ‘Interpreter’.

The Association Supporters

Touched by the engagement of the merry clown, more than fifty personalities and various members of the Monaco Monegasque Family support or have supported the Association:



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