Make a donation

Whether you are an individual, an Association or a Company, you can support the sick, disabled and disadvantaged children of the Region by making a donation.

Make a donation to the association "Les enfants de Frankie" means:

  • To be able to continue the projects of supporting children.
  • Allow the Association to remain fully independent against all forms of pressure.
  • Reaffirm the values ​​of sharing solidarity by supported Frankie and all the Members of the Association.

Help us guide these children to success - Help Frankie and his team.

1. Financial Donation

Make a Donation online: In one click, participate in the happiness transmitted to Children by Frankie the clown.

Make a Donation to the Association: Come visit our office to make your contribution: checks & Bank Transfers are accepted.




Your donation will be allocated to all the Social missions carried out by the Association. As a Donor you will receive every 6 months the "Petit Journal de Frankie".


2. Donations

Clothing, childcare equipment and furniture: Everyone can participate in his own way. Frankie and his team distribute your donations for families in difficulties.


Office visits call us at: +377 93 300 800.


In order to preserve the integrity and dignity of the families to whom donations are given, donations that are broken, torn, dirty or no longer working are not accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

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