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Our Volunteers at the Noël de Frankie


Proud Volunteers!

Being a Volunteer:

The organization recruits volunteers throughout the year. If you want to give a little of your time to entertain the sick and underprivileged children, you are WELCOME.

Children expect a lot of guided tours and outings from “les enfants de Frankie”.
To be a volunteer, please contact us by returning you’re Application Form.
Download the registration form in French 

Volunteer Profile

The Clown "Bidouille" at CHPG

Any adult or minor (16 to 18 yr olds with parental consent), wishing to entertain our children who is attentive, social and/or dynamic, has the ideal profile to become a “Frankie” Volunteer!
No diploma is required except the one of commitment, generosity and openness to others.
To be a “Frankie” Volunteer, is to engage in a team, to welcome children on outings, to visit the sick children in the Hospital, and the availability to offer your best smile.


Being  a “Frankie” volunteer is participating in the life of the association.

Being  a “Frankie” volunteer is to be dressed in a turquoise T-shirt and a multicolored hat, to bring comfort, joy and support without judgment or a priori.

Being  a “Frankie” volunteer is helping children regain with vitality and zest for life through lots of activities based on play and creativity with respect and tolerance.

Being  a “Frankie” volunteer is also participating in the life of the office by mailing, inventorying or the distribution of supplies to children in need.


See in french the program of our needs


Enlist  as volunteer:

Takes form in :

     Wearing “Frankie” badges, customized by his first name.
     Obtaining a "Volunteer" card
     The wearing of Frankie’s T-shirt


We are pleased to welcome you to our great team, your help is greatly appreciated and we hope that your commitment will be for you a rewarding experience.


Photos: Our Volunteers


“Volunteers 2017”

  "Best Volunteer Award " awarded to:
       - Christoph Lissorgues
    The "Special Prize" awarded to:
        - Jean-Philippe Pizzio


An association: How does it concretely work?

"Being an occasional volunteer didn’t satisfy me enough, I wanted to go and get a closer look.  So I asked my employer one weeks’ internship to work in the office with Frankie’s children.

 I found myself in a hive where ideas and projects are born to take shape.

At the height of this supersonic charity is Mrs. GIRAUDI: the President, demanding in all senses also towards herself;  full of ideas, making decisions with a force that never wavers before the heavy workload.

To the left in the office is Nathalie: co-pilot on all fronts, behind what became a day of happiness given to the children we help. Not a single moment escapes her. How does she do it?

To the right is Jessica: Miss "Red Nose" among others, Nathalie’s baby, whose enthusiasm is matched only by her youth. Always searching for solutions, innovations and ever ready to give a helping hand.

Cinda on the other side, helps with the Volunteers and Members (one not necessarily being the other). In charge of Protocol and Public Relations with all the local Institutions, there is her ability to speak the matter.

Barbara, who runs the Accounts Department, has a constant phenomenal job and discreetly keeps under hand money wise all what is needed.

Last but not least is Julie: like me, an interim, responsible for all the unseen work, without whom, many things would not be done. A small helping hand essential and effective as we hope she’ll be a volunteer of tomorrow...

A week is really too short. But enough to breath the good humored air that swarms permanently around the ones who arrive with so little and do so much as look after as many as 4.000 little individuals each year at Christmas... !

Here, as elsewhere, nothing happens by chance; everything is the result of a considerable amount of work.
Here, as elsewhere, there is no magic.... even if there are a few magicians!

A big THANK YOU to you all and know that the greatest reward for your works are us, volunteers who receive through the eyes of these children. "

Nadine Mouttet, Deputy Prosecutor at the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Nice


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